Special Awards

IPITA - Paul E. Lacy Memorial Lecture

Bernhard J. Hering
University of Minnesota, United States
Dr. Lacy's Legacy: The Missing Link

IPITA - Richard C. Lillehei Memorial Lecture

Stephen T. Bartlett
OSF Healthcare, United States
A legacy of Scientific Discovery

IPITA - David Sutherland Distinguished Traveling Scholarship Award

Joseph Sushil Rao
University of Minnesota, United States

IPITA - Derek Gray Distinguished Traveling Scholarship Award

Andrea Peloso
Geneva University Hospital, Switzerland
2021 Recipient

IPITA - Derek Gray Distinguished Traveling Scholarship Award

Ibrahim Fathi
Alexandria University, Egypt
2023 Recipient

IXA - Keith Reemtsma Lecture

Chung-Gyu Park
Seoul National University College of Medicine, Korea

IXA - Honorary Lecture

Richard N. Pierson III
Massachusetts General Hospital, United States

IXA - Agnès Azimzadeh Award

Linda Scobie
Glasgow Caledonian University, United Kingdom

IXA - Carl-Gustav Groth Xeno Prize

Muhammad Mohiuddin
University of Maryland School of Medicine, United States
2021 Recipient

IXA - David K.C. Cooper Young Investigator Award

Joe Ladowski
United states
312.7 A Histocompatibility Epitope Prediction Software for Xenotransplantation Donor-Recipient Optimization

Camillo Ricordi Lecture

Arnold Caplan
Case Western Reserve University, Harvard University, United States
MSCs are not Stem Cells

eGenesis Abstract Travel Awards

Ahmad Karadagi, United States
412.1 Long-term (2 years) survival of porcine to nonhuman primate life-sustaining kidney xenotransplantation
Nizar Mourad, Belgium
216.4 Xenotransplantation of functionally improved neonatal pig islets

Congress Scientific Awards

Atharva Kale, Australia
115.4 Targeting CD47 improves islet function and survival
Aaron John Buhagiar, United Kingdom
118.8 Understanding pancreas-machine interactions during preservation: A mathematical approach
Agustina Forgioni, Japan
215.2 Efficacy of ex-vivo generated donor antigen-specific immunomodulatory cells on pancreatic islet transplantation
Mehdi Maanaoui, France
337.5 Islet transplantation versus insulin alone in type 1 diabetic kidney transplant recipients: a French nationwide study on behalf of the TREPID group
Braulio Marfil-Garza, Canada
337.7 BETA-2 scores overestimate graft function in pancreatic islet transplant recipients with an estimated glomerular filtration rate of <30 ml/min/1.73m2
Yoon Ji Bang, Korea
106.6 Spatial transcriptomic analysis on the liver of pig to NHP islet transplantation recipients reveals increased adipogenesis and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease pathway in early post-transplantation
Seung Hyeun Lee, Korea
217.2 Comparative clinical analysis in pig-to-rhesus corneal xenotransplantation depending on various immunosuppressants
Anil Kharga, United States
338.3 Utilization of oxygenated Hemopure based University of Wisconsin solution during simulated procurement, back-benching, and graft implantation to minimize ischemic reperfusion injury in a rat liver transplantation simulated on pump
Merle Flecks, Germany
412.3 Analysis of PERV-C superinfection resistance using HA-tagged viruses
Keita Morimoto, Japan
P.44 Challenge for xeno renal regenerative therapy for fetus
Carola Davila, United States
116.2 Dynamic insulin/glucagon measurements from human islet perifusion
Roberta Pisu, Italy
116.5 Exploring the Potential Use of Amniotic Epithelial Cells for the Treatment of Degenerative Diseases of the Retina
Anna Kulaga, Australia
336.2 Development of a model to fabricate vascularised 3D bioprinted constructs to support islet transplantation for type 1 diabetes
Trisha Fabijanic, United States
401.3 The Development of a Sheep Model for Encapsulated Cell Therapies
Haina Wang, Australia
106.4 A novel subset of memory-like CD127highCD4+FOXP3+Treg found in porcine neonatal islet cell cluster (NICC) xenotransplant tolerant mice share similar features with tissue Tregs
Suchen Kumar Yadav, Korea
108.6 Overexpression of hCD31 in porcine endothelial cells reduces neutrophil extracellular trap formation in human and non-human primates
Yuki Imaoka, United States
215.4 Identifying High TRAIL-Expressing Liver NK Cells from Deceased and Living Donors for Effective Immunotherapy
Devprakash Choudhary, India
236.1 Simultaneous Pancreas and Kidney Transplantation Utilizing Donors Younger than Five Years
Takayuki Yamamoto, United States
301.1 What further steps are required to enable the successful clinical transfusion of pig red blood cells? Experience in the TKO pig-to-capuchin monkey model
Chung Young Kim, Korea
312.3 Proteomic Pathways in Rejected Grafts of Pig-to-Rhesus Corneal Xenotransplantation
Samrat Ray, Canada
313.6 Establishment of a genetic signature of ischemia reperfusion injury in a porcine pancreas transplantation model
Jagan Kalivarathan, United States
315.6 Surface modification of Bissulfosuccinimidyl suberate as an encapsulation strategy for islet transplants
Catherine Parmentier, Canada
338.1 Islet Isolation after Normothermic Ex Vivo Machine Perfusion of 2 Discarded Human Pancreas Allografts: A Proof of Concept Study
Mohamed Elzawahry, United Kingdom
338.2 Oxygenated hypothermic machine perfusion of the pancreas; a porcine circulatory death model to compare a ‘continuous’ and an ‘end-ischaemic’ approach
Yi Wang, People’s Republic of China
410.5 Prolactin modulates the differentiation of pancreatic ductal cell to islet-like cell
Simon Chu, United States
410.8 Improving the safety of stem-cell-derived beta cell transplantation with an inducible safety switch
Kaoru Okada, Japan
P.13 Effect of human Amniotic Epithelial Cells on intraportal islet transplantation

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